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Make Tonight A Nighty Night

I Love My Nighty
delivers the ultimate relaxation experience with chic nightgowns and loungewear separates, all designed to make you look and feel beautiful wherever your dreams take you.

Vowing to be the softest sleepwear on Earth, the collection uses fabric made from the botanical, organic fiber TENCEL™, which is gentle on your skin and the planet and is the key to falling in love with your nighty.

Bum Around At Home

In the softest leggings on Earth

Love Notes


My Janey Lu hoodie came in the mail and I put it on and never took it off. It's incredible!


I LOVE my nighty. And my husband does, too!


I've been traveling for work and at night I can't wait to get into my nighty in my hotel!


I want to thank you for creating such a beautiful, sexy nighty to give to my Valentine... thoroughly enjoyed, if you know what I'm sayin'!


It makes me so happy every time I place an order from you. My love absolutely adores your garments and lives in them. You’ve created something special!


My boyfriend told me I look like a model and it's because I took back the nighty!


I love this loungewear so much I bought one in every style available. My favorite is the Julie Lu hoodie!

Sue Lena

I seriously LOVE my nighty. I slept like a baby!


One amazing thing I noticed on my Janey Lu hoodie is that my dog's fur comes right off the material with a shake and wipe. Great news for pet owners!


Luxuriously Soft

Botanical fibers that are breathable, biodegradable, have a beautiful drape, a long lasting softness and won’t shrink.


I Love My Nighty is guided by sustainability - from design, fabric choices, production, all the way to our packaging.

Made in the USA

We've worked tirelessly to source materials, producers and suppliers who manufacture in the USA.