After a lifetime of wearing frumpy pajamas during the long, cold New England winters, I knew there had to be something better than sweats and my husband's old t-shirts for a lovely lady like myself to lounge in, even on the coldest of nights. So, I came up with a few feminine and flattering designs and spent two years bringing I Love My Nighty to life.
The mission behind the brand is to "Take Back the Nighty". Nightgowns tend to be either too slinky or too frumpy, and many women have stopped wearing them. I think nighties are a very classic and classy addition to our comfortwear attire and just needed a bit of a makeover for the modern woman. Additionally, activewear has become the go-to choice for comfort, but even activewear needs some downtime and our lovely loungewear is here for the rescue! Changing into your luxuriously soft and cozy nighty will help you transition from go-go-go all day, to me-time in the evening. Sleep is so valuable to our health and well-being and taking time to prepare for your beauty rest is one of the best ways you can treat yourself.
My luxurious loungewear is designed using natural and eco-friendly fibers and everything is made in the USA. I've selected the softest, most fabulous fabrics and have been working tirelessly to create clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Send me a note about YOUR dream nighty and together let's make every night a Nighty night!
Yours Truly,