Luxuriously Soft


When you're at home, you just want to feel comfortable, right? But most of the comfort clothes we wear are made from synthetic polyester and if you're lucky, they're made from conventional cotton. Although comfortable, they may actually feel scratchy or be stretched out and baggy.

I Love My Nighty was determined to build a brand of loungewear that was not simply comfortable, but luxuriously soft. Clothes you want to put on and not take off. Clothes that feel like a warm hug or like you’ve got nothing on at all!

I spent a year gathering hundreds of eco-friendly fabric swatches from American suppliers, searching for the perfect combination of high quality production, softness, and durability, in addition to being environmentally elevated. I spent months rubbing these small fabric samples between my fingers and along my skin, imagining my designs being made from them.

After many touchy feely moments I settled on sourcing fabric that’s made using fibers produced by Lenzing AG, based in Austria.  Lenzing’s core business is the sustainable production of botanic fibers. They have a long history in pulp production and have become an innovation leader using biorefinery and closed chemical cycles to create fibers out of wood pulp. My core values align with Lenzing and I was grateful to partner with this influential company who is making a meaningful difference in the second most polluting industry on the planet.

I Love My Nighty is using Lenzing certified fibers that have a botanical origin from Beech and Eucalyptus trees. The lovely quality of the natural fibers differs from the more well known cotton fiber, in that it is softer and silkier and also has natural moisture wicking properties like wool.  These botanical fibers are breathable, biodegradable, have a beautiful drape, a long lasting softness and won’t shrink. The fabric we have sourced made from the Lenzing fibers is guaranteed to be luxuriously soft and is every bit as feminine as you are!