Don't Delay Your Mammogram!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us once again and we are here to remind you to prioritize your boobs no matter what month it is!

I'll be honest and admit I've been skeptical at times of the pink ribbon and "raising awareness" of breast cancer, while diagnosis of the disease is still so widespread. I've often wondered, how is this awareness actually helping if 1 in 8 women in the US is being diagnosed every year?

So, instead of wondering any longer, I've gone tits deep into breast health and have so much information to share with you about how to keep your breasts healthy and happy.

You're probably catching on by now that when I'm learning something new, I get very excited and sometimes end up on the most unexpected adventure. As I started to research breast health for my own benefit, I realized I wanted to be able to share everything I'm learning with all of you. Throughout this process, I discovered the opportunity to become certified as a breast health educator and decided to go for it!

I am so excited to share the information I'm learning. I've compiled all the information on a separate page right here on ilovemynighty.comPlease note that women age 40 and up should be getting a yearly mammogram. I hope you read singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow's story about how she almost skipped her appointment and would have gone a year longer with her unknown breast cancer growth.


No matter how busy you are, don't put your health on the back burner. Keep in mind, appointment openings are often months away, so schedule or set a reminder for yours today. ProTip, make your appointment for next year, at this year's visit. They typically schedule one year out. Add one day to the calendar date to be sure insurance covers the one-visit-per-year. 


Always be your breast self, everyone!

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